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Big Plans for 2018-19!

April 22, 2018

Friends of Haiti (Canada) was on the ground doing our best work in March 2018.  The work being done in Jacmel and surrounding rural villages lead by Maxeau Pierre is truly astonishing.


The trip allowed us to see what programs were working well, and where we want to focus our attention for the upcoming year.


Requests for support are made everyday. We reviewed these requests with the elders of Marbial when we were in Haiti last month.


Marbial is a rural community about 60 minutes drive from Jacmel.

Most of the families are very poor and earn money by selling goods at the market in Jacmel.

Many of the families cannot afford to pay for their kids to go to school or feed them on a regular basis.


3 years ago, we started raising money to send the kids back school and we do so every year. (for tuition and supplies)

2 years  ago, we started a nutrition program and feed about 75 kids one meal a day for about 30 cents each.

Last year we built them a community center ($1500USD) and they use it for the afterschool program/infomatics program and for other community events.


Our volunteer teachers at the afterschool program are doing an amazing job with the kids.

Because their parents work, are illiterate or just don’t value education the kids don’t have anyone helping them with school and homework,

The teachers are pushing the kids to do their homework and focus on better grades.

Since it started all the kid’s marks are up significantly.


The schools that the kids go to don’t have texts books.

Thus Max is requesting to put a library in the community center and the kids could access the books there. ($1000 USD)


Also, the kids are learning English and computers to get them better prepared for high school, advanced education and for when they want to get a job.

The laptops and tablets we have given them are used to him them with their education.

Many of the kids had never seen a laptop or a tablet until we took them there last month

Max is busy loading apps and programs on them to help with their learning.

Our challenge is there is no power in the community and the laptops/tablets/phones have to be taken to Jacmel to get charged.

They would also charge people who want to charge their phones and the $ would go to the community programs

That is why we are looking to put in solar power there. ($2100)


We have given max a box that connects to the cel service and works as a hot spot.

This device lets the kids see what the internet is about and again helps with their education.

Cost is $8 a day and they only use it 1-2 days a week there.

If it helps we will look at full time internet there next year ($100/month)


If you want to help with any of these projects please let us know.  You can reply directly to this email or contact us at



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